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It is never easy start doing things differently. For many years, the inefficient ways of communicating and doing business seemed to work in the maritime industry, yet the technological change is inevitable. The question is, whether your company is going to be a leader, or a follower. With Moorio, we want to challenge the way business between maritime suppliers and ship operators is done for a good cause - to bring more transparency to the industry and to simplify order management processes. We do that by bringing B2C experience with exceptional flexibility, speed and customer service. Because that is what not only the industry itself, but young generation coming to work is demanding.


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Our mission is to

bring innovation and efficiency in maritime industry.

A technological solution that addresses the needs of

vessel owners

bunker fuel suppliers

maritime industry

• vessel owners

• bunker fuel suppliers

• maritime industry

As every vessel needs to moor to refuel, so our name implies that Moorio is part of every modern vessel owner’s or marine supplier’s business. When the idea of Moorio was born, after many discussions with maritime industry professionals it became clear that this change of how vessels are serviced could bring in more transparency, technological advancement and efficiency. Combined expertise in process optimization, automation and maritime industry knowledge allowed Moorio to become a new generation digital trade platform for maritime businesses.

Our values inspire us to...


Strive for efficiency


Think forward


Care for the environment


Commit to excellence


Build trust with transparency